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Take Control Now

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Ghd are back with their annual Breast Cancer campaign in partnership with Breast Cancer Now. Ghd have been supporting breast cancer charities globally for 18 years, raising over $22 million to date – impressive! And for the past two years, have been on a mission to empower young women across the world to start regularly checking their breasts.

Why does this matter? Because 40% of women aged 18-24 surveyed in Britain do not regularly self-check.

Two physical features that can strongly shape how women see themselves – their breasts and their hair – can be taken away by breast cancer. As an evolution of 2021’s successful campaign, the 2022 collection features the campaign messaging ‘Take Control Now’ on the limited-edition styling tools, providing women with a regular reminder to touch and check their boobs for signs of breast cancer Every. Single. Month.

Joyful body and breast positivity

That’s the core message of this breast cancer awareness-driving campaign. Having the confidence to action these important self- check steps as early as possible will help make all the difference. With a lack of breast checking confidence, women are less likely to self check and those who feel awkward or embarrassed about checking their breasts may delay seeing their doctor if they notice a new or unusual change.

Big, perky, saggy, tiny, small, large, two boobs, no boobs? Still check. We need women to start talking about their breast health, not their cup size, and to feel confident and educated on how to check EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH

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