Nocturne Chris Southern

Nocturne:Chris Southern 

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As a member of Headmasters’ Pro Artistic team and the ghd events team, Chris Southern is no stranger to working long hours on a professional shoot. So he was well-equipped to take on the challenge of the 12-hour Nocturne super-shoot for ghd Professional last month and here’s what he had to say: 

“It was such a pleasure to be involved in the Nocturne shoot –  I jump at any opportunity to work with ghd. The event was like nothing I’d ever experienced before – and initially, I felt an overwhelming urge to compare my work to all the other stylists. As the evening went on I realised it wasn’t a competition but a celebration of different skills and tastes. My favourite look  was the faux deadlock hair-up I did; it got a lot of attention on the night from the other stylists. It was something I had to figure out for myself but it was pretty simple: just twist a section, a light spray of ghd’s final fix and then one pass over with the platinum styler and voila!
To plan for the shoot I brought a bag full of hair and accessories that I’ve gathered from recent shoots. I made a list of ideas and then put them in order of how much product was needed in the hair. I’m a big believer in “prep well, prep once”. There were many challenges including not having a backwash but for it was time! 10 looks in 12 hours is hard. This is why infinite styling is so important – especially working in the session industry. I need to be able to change a look in minutes without having to rewash the hair! 
In 2014, I got into ghd’s style squad and the shoot was an opportunity to show ghd and the industry what I have learnt and how my taste has developed since the ghd style squad opened the door for me!” See all 9 of Chris’s looks below: