Jordanna Cobella

Nocturne:Jordanna Cobella

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A remarkable 12-hour shoot took place on the 2nd October at the Crossrail Place Rooftop Gardens in Canary Wharf to celebrate ghd Professional’s new Nocturne styling collection. With 1o stylists on hand, 10 models, and one photographer (Jack Eames), ghd Professional aimed to capture more than 100 images that fulfilled the Nocturne transition from day-t0-night and the brand’s #infinitestyle opportunity mantra. We’ll be sharing the finished looks from each  stylist over the coming weeks, but first up we bring you the final images from 2017 Fame Team member, Jordanna Cobella…  
On her Nocturne Super Shoot experience, Jordanna says: “
I felt so privileged to be invited and to be considered as an artist by such a global brand! ghd have always been at the forefront of hair styling and the atmosphere at each event they hold is unforgettable. We were full of beans and buzzing with the excitement to start, and then at 10pm we were given food and snacks that really picked us up and gave us an extra boost of energy. By 3am, it felt like we had known our models forever even though we had only spent half a night with them! We were actually working quicker and becoming more creative as the early hours approached, my last few looks were thrown together and much more experimental…but in a good way! Surprisingly, these were my best looks even though I hadn’t planned them as much as I normally would – which shows to trust your creative instinct. I had two favourite looks; my first was a very simple 70’s wave and the second I named ‘jungle vibe’ which was inspired by the setting of the shoot in the roof garden; a knotted plait with sleek side rope plaits.
It does require some planning when you’re doing 10 looks and also depends on the model’s natural hair texture. Definitely one of the challenges was not meeting the model beforehand as you couldn’t  plan the order of your looks, and having no backwash meant you had to really rely on using minimal or no product  but that was all part of the fun! I started off with no product at all and did a few hair-ups, and then moved onto more structured waves/curls/combing/teasing/plaiting using more product as I went. The very last look I did was a smooth and sleek glam wave which used the leftover texture from the shoot but brushed out with a bristle brush and coated in a light oil. The event was fantastically planned with incredible people behind it, it’s something you would never think of doing but the idea behind it makes total sense! ghd means so much not only to me, but also to my clients – their hair truly tells a story and I feel the images from the shoot really capture that!