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Glitz the season: Party pony

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ghd ponytailIf there’s one look to nail this festive season it has got to be the party pony. The style to take a client from the office by day to the work shin-dig at night. It can be relaxed or embellished and the best bit is it’s fuss-free and lasts. Thanks to Leighanne Regan, the girl behind ghd’s 2019 Glitz the Season style guide, the ponytail humble ponytail makes an appearance and a pretty bold statement. Here’s how to get the look…

Get the look: party pony

Step 1: Place the ghd soft curltong vertically in the hair and rotate towards the back of the head

Step 2: Glide down 2cm and unwrap, keeping the hair in the tong

Step 3: Re-wrap and glide down 2cm. Continue until both front quarters of the head have been curled away from the face

Step 4: Section the hair as above diagonally, from behind the ear towards the nape

ghd ponytailStep 5: Curl the rest of the hair as above, holding the curltong open-end forward

Step 6: Separate the curls using your fingers 

Step 7: Pad the hair using a ghd pintail comb

Step 8: Pull the top half of the hair back and clamp

Step 9: Pinch and pull out small sections of the hair

Step 10: Gather the rest of the hair into a mid-height ponytail and secure with an elastic

Step 11: Release the clamp to encourage texture 

Step 12: Wrap a piece of hair around the elastic to cover and pin

Step 13: Using a ghd detangle comb pad the ponytail to expand the shape

Step 14: Using your fingers, stretch out the ponytail

Step 15: Spritz with shine spray

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