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Get the look with new ghd helios and Zoe Irwin

Lauren ghd: always a good news story

Round of applause to team ghd who really know how to launch a new product to market – and the helios is no exception. In addition to the groundbreaking technology and stunning design of the new super-speed dryer, there’s a plethora of other promotional material and even a gorgeous collection to really help you maximise on sales in salon. Check out these stunning hair looks created using the helios by ghd ambassador Zoe Irwin. Here’s how to achieve the looks for your clients and show off the hair dryer’s potential…

ghd HeliosModern angel by Zoe Irwin

“This look was influenced by a laid back, luxury wave. I was thinking about how we move with a dryer, twisting the brush as I work to create a leaner shape. It has a very LA influence; it’s the blow-dry version of an undone tonged look. To create this look, I used a bristle brush, wrapping the hair and then working the nozzle all the way around, with the nozzle facing down the cuticle – as you twist the brush, you follow around; it’s a twist blow-dry. Then, you take the brush out and put it back in, unravelling as you blow. That creates a lean, soft, natural wave. The great thing about the Helios is that it has incredible setting power which enables you to do flash cooling; once you’ve heated hair, the faster you take it to cold, the better it sets. That’s the method I used for this look, and the Helios cold shot button is fantastic for this.”

ghd heliosBlack swan by Zoe Irwin

“For this look, I wanted to look at volume within a blow-dry, but make it feel modern – it’s my take on what cool glamour looks like now. By flipping it to the side, it retains that super volume but with a bit of an edge. Volume is a continuous trend, so it was amazing to do a blow-dry which takes the trend but develops it, using the incredible technology within the Helios. When it comes to volume, the amazing thing about the Helios is the precision – when I focus on one section, the others aren’t moving. It’s precision blow-drying, from the hairline to each individual section. To create the look, I aimed the nozzle at the root, then came up and around the brush to increase shine – then used the incredible setting power of the cool shot at the root to create volume. It’s inspired by classic 90s supermodel swooshed hair, but it still feels modern.”

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