Flipped Out Pony

Flipped-out Pony

Ellie ghd: always a good news story

Achieve maximum style with minimum effort when creating a flipped-out pony. A quick fix for when you’re short on time but still want to achieve a glamourous look which is perfect for any occasion.

Get the look

Step 1 – Prep

Prep the hair with the ghd bodyguard heat protect spray in misted layers.

Step 2 – Tie

Flip upside down and brush hair into a high ponytail using the ghd oval dressing brush, tie into place.

Step 3 – Fix

Fix all flyways into place by misting the ghd perfect ending final fix hairspray and smoothing over with the palm of the hand.

Step 4 – Angle

Divide the ponytail into three sections and place the ghd platinum+ styler horizontally into the roots.


Step 5 – Travel

Glide down the hair, holding the ends for the best tension.

Step 6 – Turn

Turn the styler a quarter turn upwards to create a flipped-out end.

Step 7 – Continue

Continue this technique throughout the three sections of the ponytail.

Step 8 – Finish

Finish the flipped-out pony by accessorising with a festive hair scrunchie and brushing the ponytail together using the ghd oval dressing brush.

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