AW20 trends- Ring Press and Suzy Qute

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Shows spanning the fashion capitals leaned into the past for a plethora of inspiration for AW20. Missoni showed 00s poker straight hair while Rodarte teamed a 40s sartorial look with lived in waves. Kenzo took us back to grungier 90s in post rave textures to name just a few who looked to the past to shape the future. Here ghd ambassador Adam Reed shares his favourite hair trends for AW20.

Ring Press

Crimp was the breakout trend for this season after first rising to popularity in the 80s. Modern takes were seen at Boar Aksu with large kinks with an overall well definedand polished aesthetic, whereas Anna Sui and Simone Rocha opted for fluffier, brushed out textures for AW20.

Get the look

STEP 1. Prep the hair with ghd curl hold spray.

STEP 2. Divide hair into 4 quadrants and take an horizontal section in the front quarter.

STEP 3. Place 2 hoops, 1 nearest the parting on top, and with them overlapped, feed the hair through the middle.

STEP 4. Feed out and under the bottom hoop.

STEP 5. Lace your third hoop over the second and weave the hair through.

STEP 6. As you weave the hair through the third hoop pull it up to create the Tshape. Flatten the hoop down and away from your parting and weave the hair under the second hoop and over the third one.

STEP 7. From the third hoop onwards start adding infections of hair.

STEP 8. Continue until you reach the ends of the hair.

STEP 9. Press all the hair using ghd platinum+

STEP10. Remove the rings.

STEP 11. Dress the hair using ghd detangling comb to soften the texture.


Suzy Qute

Suzi Quatro rose to rock and roll success in the 60s, combining an aggressive stage presence and ballsy attitude, her image was one that was recreated across the globe. Diagonal bangs that flicked out towards the front and heightened width at the crown gave this pocket rocket iconic hair status that’s still relevant today.

Get the look

STEP 1. Prep the hair with ghd root lift spray.

STEP 2. Starting at the nape, place a size 3 ghd ceramic vented radial brush under the section and smooth flat all the hair using ghd helios directing the air flow down the hair.

STEP 3. In the same section, place ghd helios over the hair and curve the hair around the brush and direct the air flow over it.

STEP 4. Start to twist and unload the hair as you travel down,always directing the air flow around the brush.

STEP 5.  Continue until you reach the ends of the hair.

STEP 6. Continue until all the hair,apart from the front hairline, has been curled this way.

STEP 7. Detail the crown by rolling the hair over the brush.

STEP 8. Detail the hair line by rolling the hair in the centre.

STEP 9. Toward the sides start to roll up and away from the face.

STEP 10. Pinch and pull to conch the crown.


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