Ghd attachment theory

Lauren ghd: always a good news story

With a few months to fall in love with the new helios dryer from ghd Professional, our affection is increased three-fold with the launch of an attachments range to make styling all hair types even easier! Each is produced in a range of colours to complement your choice of helios colour so stylish is, as stylish does. Nice one. 

ghdThe professional comb nozzle means you can use your helios even more efficiently to lift, shape and blow-out naturally textured, curly or coily hair. The comb is designed with a double-row of strengthened teeth which are tapered to help comb through afro hair easily to create a natural, blown-out style. 

Charlotte Mensah has been test-driving the new comb nozzle on the ghd helios professional dryer. She loves it!
The ghd professional comb nozzle is a game changer not only for the stylist but also for the consumer. I am especially impressed with its design that not only provides tension suitable for different densities of afro hair textures, but the rounded ends are brilliant for scalp comfort.
“I like to use the nozzle to create a sleek blow-out for my clients. My top tip is to blow dry in small sections ensuring each section is completely dry before moving onto the next. Damp hair equals frizz so, keep a water spray bottle handy to re-wet damp sections before thoroughly blow-drying. Finish with a blast of cold air to close the cuticle to reduce frizz.” 

ghdFor speed and precision, ghd launches a new professional wide styling nozzle for the ghd helios dryer. It makes it even easier to achieve ultra-powerful and controlled styling results with a frizz-free finish. The 88mm nozzle is designed to aerodynamically concentrate the airflow over larger sections of the hair at a time, helping to eliminate frizz and create enviably smooth finish. Zoë Irwin, ghd ambassador and professional hair stylist is a fan! She tells us:“ghd’s professional Wide Styling Nozzle is especially great for creating bouncy voluminous looks with thick/long hair. The additional width mirrorsthat of the ghd brush, meaning you can easily control the blow- dry.
The nozzle also angles well, meaning it eliminates frizz from hairlines. Anything from sleek up-dos, to taming unwanted baby hairs – this really is the must-have attachment!” 


ghdThe ghd professional diffuser is now available with an adaptor ring for use with the helios professional hairdryer. Air vents and contoured fingers on the diffuser make it easy to dry hair close to the root, whilst lifting and separating hair for added body and gorgeously defined curls. Asking the experts to confirm how useful this is, we turn to Charlotte Mensah. She says: For best use, separate hair as you dry it to create soft volume, as well as giving a frizz-free finish to naturally curly hair, or loose natural-looking waves in finer, straighter hair types. Use a low-speed and medium heat with ghd’s professional helios hairdryer for best results.”