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We’re officially in Spring, but that doesn’t mean the weather is on our side just yet… April is typically a month of showers and so we caught up with ghd global brand ambassador, Adam Reed and ghd head of education, Jo Robertson to find out their top tips for transforming a dampened ‘do … 

ghd head of education JO SAYS:

“Reviving your morning blow dry after being caught in a rain shower is easy with this  five minute Faux Blow!

If you have styled your hair in the morning, especially if you have used a hairdryer, the simple method to revive your dampened ‘do is to spritz the hair with ghd curl hold spray and then re-blow dry the top section only – the bottom layered areas won’t be affected by the rain so concentrate on smoothing and styling the top section to revive your look!”
You’ll need: 
• ghd curl hold spray 
• ghd final fix hairspray 
• ghd air hairdryer 

“When faced with the prospect of wet weather, my top tips combine hairspray and the ghd gold® – pure gold styler but not in a way you might think of using the duo…

Once your hair has been styled in the way you want, spray hairspray directly into your hands and press down onto the hair usingyour ngertips. I don’t usually spray directlyonto the hair – using your hands means you can apply with precision. Press the hairspray from your hands into the key areas of the hair that can be affected by damp and frizz e.g. your parting and baby hairs at the front! Then, use the warmth of the back of your straightener (turn it off after styling so it is still warm!) to seal down any additional loosehairs. This ultimately lls the hair strand andprevents rain getting in by warming the resin of the product for long lasting protection.”
You’ll need: 
• ghd gold – pure gold styler 
• ghd final fix hairspray