Mixology Master 2017

rjhandley Fudge Professional #PlanetF

Following a huge amount of entries this year from across the globe, Fudge Professional is pleased to announce the winner of its Mixology Master 2017 competition as Maria Rågberg from Uniklipp AS salon in Norway.
The judges (X-presion creative team, PR guru Samantha Grocutt, Mazella&Palmer, Lisa Farrall, Marco Cenedese, and Mixology Master 2016 Janica Ström) all commented on Maria’s bold and vivacious look, creative use of formula, and commitment to the Anti-Ordinary. As the Fudge Professional Mixology Master 2017, Maria will be flown to Milan to assist on the photoshoot for Fudge Professional’s 2018 colour collection, with global hairdressing legends X-presion creative team and Fudge Professional global head of technical education, Tracy Hayes.
“Wow, this is crazy. I feel so honoured to win something big like this, by just doing what sets my heart and soul on fire. I want to say a huge thank you to Fudge Professional for making it possible for colourists to play and share their work worldwide like this. I can’t wait for Milan!” says winner Maria Rågberg.
Tracy Hayes, adds, “Here at Fudge Professional we love risk-takers and colourists who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries. This entry really stood out as being a fresh new colour to add to the Fudge Professional colour palette: vibrant, young and unexpected. The judges commented how they loved that the technique wasn’t obvious but featured gentle, hidden tonal colours appearing in the movement of the hair. It’s very Fudge!”

Get the winning formula:
• Formula 1: 200ml Paintbox Coral Blush + 10ml Paintbox Red Corvette + 10ml Paintbox Gold Coast
• Formula 2: 10ml Paintbox Gold Coast + 10ml Paintbox Pink Riot
• Formula 3: 15ml Paintbox Gold Coast + 5ml Paintbox Coral Blush
• Formula 4: 15ml Paintbox Coral Blush + 5ml Paintbox Pink Riot
Apply Formula 1 all over. Then apply Formulas 2, 3 and 4 in the front, in 7cm long panels with foils, two of each colour, in diagonal sections, to give the beautiful colour a little sparkly twist!