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Dr Syed talks trends

As we reflect on London Fashion Week, we can’t stop talking about trends. We’ve spoken to Dr Syed – President of Avlon Industries to find out how their products evolve as trends move on. We know that something big is coming from Avlon this year as Dr Syed will be heading to  Colour World in May to introduce the UK to the brand new Uberliss – want to know more? Get your tickets HERE.


What does fashion mean to you?

In the classic definition of ‘fashion”, it is cyclical and adopted by consumers for a particular time and situation (Sproles, 1979).

Sproles, G.B. (1979). Fashion: Consumer Behavior Toward Dress. Minneapolis: Burgess Publishing Company.

Trend is the prevalent hairstyle or a look of a dress or product or ingredient that is used to achieve the specific style or achieve a need in each segment. The trend is based on something new and then it becomes fashion when many individuals adopt it in their daily life, for a certain time. This trend is eventually replaced by a new trend which becomes a new fashion.

What trends do you see coming through for 2022?

The natural curly hair is unique in its properties as compared to straight hair. The trend of using natural ingredients is popular among consumers. We strive to use natural ingredients but with their science-based contribution to the health of natural curly hair and scalp. We conduct scientific studies on the effect of natural ingredients on curly hair and scalp and then utilise these ingredients in state-of-the art new products.

The African-descent scalp is dry, and the hair growth is 22 to 35% less than its counterpart Caucasian scalp. Therefore, in the future many new products will tend to address this issue but the science of hair growth is very challenging, presently.

How do you keep up to date with the latest trends?

One must read a lot, stay in contact with the consumer needs, immerse in social media and find out what the consumers are looking for and possibly spot a trend early on. This is not an easy task. Another advantage we as scientists have, is the ability to spot the gaps in the fulfilment of needs of the consumers based on the available technology.  

What areas do you analyse and what inspires you?

As a scientist and as an entrepreneur, I prefer to analyse the unmet needs of our consumers and then design and create the technology to fulfil the unmet needs of the consumers.

How do you relay this in Avlon products?

Avlon products are based upon the unmet needs of the consumers and the latest technologies created by us. We stay in touch the scientific community all over the world and try to utilise the methodologies that allow us to design new products that are superior to the currently available products in the market.

How do you determine, plan, and develop a new product?

This question is very close to my heart. I have spent almost 48 years in developing new products. In this span of time, I developed many international brands prior to Avlon and then at Avlon in last 36 years. New Product Development Process is a long process and involves many disciplines. For example, the marketing professionals are always searching for ideas that fulfil unmet needs of consumers. These needs are then conveyed to the scientists or technologists who work hard to develop the technologies to meet the specific needs of the consumers. After developing a prototype, it goes through many testing cycles from four different disciplines and the consumer testing until the prototype has met all the needs of the consumer. In the next phase, the prototype enters in the product phase and all pilot studies are conducted in the manufacturing and filling of the prototype. These products are also tested regarding their claims, safety, microbiological profile, and final independent consumer tests. If all is well, the product is released to the consumers at large.

How do trends in the UK compare to the US?

Many of the technologies for Curly hair are developed in USA and then diffused to Europe, Africa, and Middle East. This trend has been there for at least a century. However, there is a distinct difference in the fashion and style between US and UK. The trends of hair styles and fashion are usually edgy and advance in UK, whereas US is more conservative in general. So, in today’s day and age, with the advent of social media, the ideas quickly disseminate all over the world and keep all of us very busy in getting the input from all over the globe.

What can we expect from Avlon this year?

Last year, Avlon was granted two patents for a new technology based upon building bonds and conditioning while chemically treating hair with various chemical processes such as hair straightening, hair lightening, hair coloring, and permanent waving. This technology has reduced the hair damage to a minimum during these chemical services. This technology will be introduced to our loyal customers soon.

For more Avlon news click HERE


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