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When Antoinette Beenders met Dextra – a transgender woman, who considers themselves non-binary – she showcased her technical artistry by creating a ‘shullet’, which perfectly enhanced Dextra’s individual personality.  Antoinette used a razor to create this cut and says, “In general, when the hair has been razored, the hair tapers off to a thinner peak. Scissors tend to produce a blunter or chunkier look toward the ends. Razor cuts tend to create seamless layers—excellent for hair textures 1A to 2B.”

Dextra’s Colour


Full spectrum demi+TM
40g Universal ØN Creme 40g
Universal ØN Gel
2g Light IntenseAsh
80ml 10 volume Color Catalyst—creme

Dextra’s cut

The Shullet (Shag + Mullet)
Texture: Dextra’s natural hair texture is 2B.
Tool: Razor

1. Section wet hair as follows: (See illustration 1.)

  • Fringe section from the end of each eyebrow to the top of the head (depending on hair density)
  • Left top and side vertical section from the top of the head to the top of the ear
  • Right top and side vertical section from the top of  the head to the top of the ear
  • Backleft
  • Backright

2. Take a horizontal subsection parallel to the hairline in section 1, and use the razor to cut to the desired length (just below the brows). Continue until section 1 is complete.

3. Take a horizontal subsection in section 2, and cut to jaw

4. Make sure the hair is evenly wet throughout, then comb sections 1, 2 and 3 forward, and cut a concave shape 1–2″ below the length of section 1. (See illustration 3.)

5. Take horizontal subsections, and cut to the desired length for a one-length result in sections 4 and 5.

6. Take a vertical subsection at the crown, elevate to 90° and cut to the guideline at the front hairline established in section 1. In the back, as you cut down the subsection toward the nape, when you reach the occipital area, slide-razor the subsection at a 45° angle to connect to the exterior. (See illustration 4.)

7. Continue in this manner, pivoting around each side of the head and cutting in vertical subsections until complete.

Styling & customizing

1. Dispense a few pumps of Invati Advanced thickening foam, and apply evenly throughout the hair.

2. Blow-dry the hair in subsections starting at the nape and using a wrap-dry technique. Continue to the top, sides and front, ensuring that you wrap-dry the top and fringe forward.

3. When the hair is completely dry, take small subsections on top of the head, twist and slide-razor throughout the ends to create additional texture. Repeat throughout the top and fringe sections.

4. For an editorial finish, straighten the ends of the hair with a flat iron, and finish with a few pumps of Brilliant spray-on shine.

Find out more about Aveda HERE


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