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Deep Hollywood Waves

We are really excited to see the gorgeous and glam looks created with ghd’s Thin Wand. The deep Hollywood waves look is perfect for clients wanting to look classy and glamorous.

Get the look

1. Prep

Prep the hair with ghd curly ever after spray in misted layers throughout.

2. Section

Section the hair horizontally into 2-inch sections from the bottom of the head, working upwards.

3. Angle

Place ghd thin wand diagonally into the hair with the cool tip pointing downwards

4. Twist

Wrap the hair around the barrel of the wand, naturally twisting the hair as you wrap.

5. Hold

Hold for 5-8 seconds and then catch the curl in the palm of your hand to cool.

6. Continue

Continue working up the head always curling in the same direction, away from the face.

7. Continue

Swap ghd thin wand into the opposite hand and continue curling on the other side of the head, again curling away from the face.


8. Finish

Finish the look by misting ghd perfect ending hairspray onto ghd oval dressing brush.

9. Dress

Brush the hair thoroughly to dress out the curls until the hair begins to form into a glossy Hollywood wave.

For more good hair news from ghd, click HERE.


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