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2020 has been a challenging year; it has taught us that nothing should be taken for granted. As we are heading into a new year, new perspectives and a new way of trading and doing business is vital. Davines has already been doing its part, as sustainability has been the core of the brand, ‘‘their reason to be”’. As we are all going through our ‘resolution’ phase now, here are some details and information on what Davines has been doing (that you probably didn’t know) and will carry on doing, committed to stay ahead and path the way for others.

Davines creates professional hair products that combine quality with the utmost respect for the planet and its resources. Guided by Dr. Davide Bollati, a cosmetic chemist and visionary entrepreneur known for his sustainable approach to beauty, The Davines Group is a B Corp and has an international presence in more than 90 countries.

B-CORP Certification

Davines is proud to be a B-Corp since 2016, a group of companies that do business as a force for good and have been certified by the not-for-profit B Lab.

B Corporation certification is awarded to for-profit organisations who achieve at least a minimum score against 5 areas of impact: Governance, Community, Workers, Environment and Customers. Minimum score is 80 and max 200. Davines received in 2020 a new B Corp score of 117.4, an improvement from the score of 99.3 on first certification in 2016.

The company has chosen not only to invest in actions with a direct sustainable impact, such as the use of machines that are sanitized with steam rather than chemicals, or the creation of benefits to increase staff well-being, but also in actions with an indirect impact, focusing on the education and involvement of each collaborator in order to recognize everyone’s tangible contribution.

The Davines Village

Entering Davines Village

The Davines Village is where everything is brought to life, and keeps to the companies values of beauty, sustainability and well-being. Out of the 77K square meters site, only 11K is dedicated to the building complex (which hosts its offices, training, the R&D lab, production facilities and warehouse), the remaining site consists of its Scientific Garden, greenhouse and Arboretum. The Davines Village is also devoted to sustainability, waste reduction and optimisation of natural resources: energy is from 100% certified renewable sources and the organic restaurant repurposes its waste for use as garden compost.


 Davines creates products with a positive environmental impact by:

  • Measuring the products’ sustainability level at every stage of their life cycle, using two different assessment methods: the Strategic Life Cycle Assessment (SLCA) for a qualitative assessment, and the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for a quantitative assessment
  • Only considering natural origin, ingredients with 100% molecular structure of natural origin, allowing for no synthetic portion
  • Developing its own classification criterion of ingredients of ‘natural origin’ to be more restrictive than the widely adopted ISO 16128 standard, pushing the boundaries with the goal of being the best for the world.
  • Selecting environmentally friendly ingredients that are safe, effective, high-quality and preferably obtained from organic and/or ethical farming that protects local biodiversity
  • Designing packaging which is made with the aim of limiting volume and weight to a minimum and favouring reuse or recovery (including recycling), while ensuring safety and hygiene.
  • Creating all products with an artisan approach, using the most advanced cosmetic technologies and inspired by the ideal of Sustainable Beauty as an inseparable unity between beauty and goodness

Davines Village – Product Test Space


Davines’s strategy has been delivering outstanding results to date:

  • 100% of Davines and Comfort Zone products sold in 2019 had CO2eq compensated packaging
  • All the Group’s offices are carbon neutral (100% scope 1 + 2) thanks to reduction of emissions and offsetting of residual emissions
  • -47.7% emissions (scope 1 + 2) compared to 2018 for the Parma office and manufacturing plant, mainly due to the use of biomethane rather than gas from fossil-fuel sources
  • 34 ton CO2eq saved thanks to smart working at the main office in Parma
  • Calculation and compensation of CO2eq emissions from the main corporate events
  • Compensation of the CO2eq emissions from the life cycle of products to which the LCA analysis has been applied


The Davines Group, together with over 500 B Corps worldwide, has made a commitment to achieve the “net zero emissions” goal by 2030. This goal can only be achieved through a constant mapping of emissions and their maximum reduction. The quantities of CO2eq that cannot be reduced or zeroed will continue to be compensated thanks to the EthioTrees reforestation and soil regeneration project, which is exclusive to Davines and active today in Ethiopia.

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