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Brand New Year, Brand New Start

As Takara Belmont reached its Centenary in 2021, their focus on superior materials, classic design and leading-edge manufacturing laid the foundation stone for a Century of groundbreaking innovation, which has produced some of the world’s most iconic products. It’s also earned the brand a global reputation for unrivalled quality and benchmark service.

Grooming chairs like the Apollo 2 have come to symbolise international barbering, for example. Famed for its iconic design, strength and reliability, recent years has seen the addition of the Apollo 2 Elite and Apollo 2 Icon that have extended its popularity from barbershops to the highest echelons of luxury men’s grooming, and into hair and beauty salons. This philosophy is evident across its entire range of grooming chairs; from the traditional Dainty, GT Sportsman and Legacy 95 to the pinnacle of motorised innovation in the form of the Legend, Inova EX and Maxim. 


And it’s just the same when it comes to hairdressing In addition to enduring styling chair designs like the Adria II and Cadilla, their innovative hairdressing technology has transformed service outcomes and salon experiences for a generation. The Roller Ball F and Spa Mist II processors are examples of this, whilst the Yume Series has presented salons with the most luxurious, and the most technologically advanced, shampoo systems. From the styling station to the backwash, Takara Belmont defines modern salon life built on a Century of expertise.

Along with supreme quality furniture and accessories, and a globally renowned Salon Design service, Takara Belmont has shaped the past, present and the future of the salon industry and, as we enter a new year, this trend is set to continue. As salons and barbershops recover from what has been the most challenging two years in recent history, let’s look at how salon design contributes to your success and why it’s essential to your recovery.


Why salon and barbershop design is so important

Whether it’s a team member working in the salon, a stylist looking for a new job, or a client popping in for a service, the way your salon looks and feels has a dramatic effect on how people perceive you. With clients evermore discerning in their expectations, they want to value the place where they spend their time and money. The ambience of your salon defines their experience, and it makes a statement about the quality of service they’re likely to receive. Create an interior that attracts people and you’ll instil confidence. But, If your salon looks tired and untidy, customers may well assume you don’t invest in the quality of your expertise either!


How interior design increases footfall

Today, customers are looking for a hairdressing or grooming experience, not just a quick in-and-out hair cut or colour. Men and women want a luxury service, as their visit represents an investment in themselves, and when they leave feeling better than when they arrived, it’s the best kind of PR you can achieve. Get it right and they’ll tell others nothing but positive things. Get it wrong and the same customer won’t hesitate warning off their friends, family and colleagues. In this respect it’s no different to a restaurant, and who wouldn’t walk by a restaurant with tatty furniture, dirty floors and dowdy decor? And how many people would you tell if you had a poor meal or bad service to save them from experiencing it for themselves? 


Improving your barbershop interior

Improving your salon or barbershop interior can range from the simple and relatively inexpensive to a complete reinvestment. A regular spruce up with paint, polish and basic interior touches, such as great pictures and furnishings is not that hard to do to ensure the comfort of your clients when waiting for, or receiving a service. Ensure they receive a warm welcome, provide quality refreshments and current reading material, and make sure every part of their experience is choreographed to make them feel valued and special. From the moment they book, to the hello they receive and the refreshments you offer, to the quality of service and the eventual goodbye, every detail contributes to their appointment experience, including the environment in which you provide it.

However, if you really want to accelerate your potential, why not go for a complete redesign? Look at the local area to see what it needs. What’s missing and how can you fill the void with a salon style that’s truly original, and gives your locale what it wants and needs? Barbers and hairdressing salons are a hub of the community, so how can you appeal to people so they’ll want to keep coming back, and how can you make sure that the best professionals in the area will want to work there? Why not check out the local competition to identify service gaps that you could offer too? 


Accelerate your business with FREE Salon Design

Takara Belmont’s FREE* Salon Design service has created awe-inspiring interiors, so consulting their team can help you create something truly spectacular and innovative. With decades of expertise, they factor in commercial considerations to optimise the ROI from your salon’s footprint and introduce equipment and accessories that will maximise turnover and profit. 

The combination of a great looking space with carefully considered service offerings that differentiate you from others in the area is a powerful combination. Salons and barbershops like Kingsman, The Barbery and Ena Salon have navigated successfully through Covid by doing just that. A distinct offering coupled with inspiring design has paid off, so why not start the New Year with new optimism, fresh ideas and a renewed vision for your hairdressing business? 

Few brands have done more than Takara Belmont to bring furniture, equipment and Salon Design that stands the test of time, as well bringing a partnership philosophy to every project. 

Discover Takara Belmont and put your salon on the road to success.

For information visit Takara Belmont

For more news from Takara Belmont, click HERE.


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