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Boost your social media with Jack Mead’s Vagaro Master Class

It’s becoming clear to us that Vagaro truly is a brand that goes above and beyond for its clients. With the launch of their Master Class series, salons can learn from other successful business owners to achieve their own business goals. 

First up… Jack Mead talks Social Media

Social media has become an incredibly powerful (and free) tool for anyone with internet access and a few original ideas to grow a thriving business and memorable brand. Top UK-based hair stylist and influencer, Jack Mead, used his social media savvy to build his name, share his stylistic vision with the world and build an award-winning salon that clients travel the world over just to get a seat at.

Jack was 2022’s British Hairdressing Awards finalist, lead stylist at London Fashion Week, and has styled hair for shows like X Factor and The Big Blow Out – the latter of which he was also a finalist on. He has worked with several well-known hair icons across the industry and is co-owner, along with his wife, Lydia, of Jack & The Wolfe Salon in Lymington, UK.

Jack has collected his most valuable anecdotes, tips & knowledge and is sharing them for the first time in his own Vagaro Master Class! Practical and hands-on, this class is designed for viewers to follow along and put each of Jack’s personal tips into practice to boost social media success for their own business.

Jack Mead

Episode 1: Who Are You Talking To?

When the pandemic closed salons in 2020, Jack Mead was at a difficult crossroads. He turned to social media – Instagram, in particular, to not only make connections, but to also make educational hair-cutting tutorials with only his phone, a pair of shears and a mannequin head.

In this episode, Jack covers how to find – and keep – your social media audience. He shares how he gained such a large organic following so quickly, kept his videos fresh and created his first viral video (4.1M views & 145K likes). He also shares how researching influencers outside of his industry led him to a “back-to-front” revelation, which helped him elevate his content from educational to aspirational and connect with more viewers.

Elle Slovenia. Hair by Jack Read. Pic courtesy or Instagram

Episode 2: Igniting Ideas from Inspiration

Trends change, and what people are engaging with fluctuates in all industries. How do you keep ideas fresh and ensure viewers don’t become bored?

Jack tells you how and shares his unique way of researching what’s current, trending, and what content people are really engaging with. He demonstrates how he looks outside his industry for ideas and, through mood boards and other exercises, takes what he finds and creates a representation of what he does.

The result is content that connects with people on an emotional level, which is the foundation of successful platform building and the heart of what makes a video go viral.

Episode 3: The Art of Audience Retention

When you create a hit video and viewers visit your profile only to find a random assortment of content, like reels featuring your cat or nights out with friends, your brand can become…murky.

Jack shares how to avoid this common mistake and build a cohesive, consistent brand that people understand and want to be a part of.

He then takes us behind the scenes and demonstrates his actual process for creating video content, highlighting everything from camera positioning & lighting to tips for engaging with your video subject.

By the end, you’ll be able to make your own videos that capture the before, the after, and all the human connection in between.

Vagaro Master Class

Thank you Jack!

Jack Mead’s Vagaro Master Class course gives you a practical roadmap for creating social media content that demonstrates your abilities, showcases your unique style and consistently connects with viewers on an emotional level—all necessary for building a memorable brand.

Check out this class (and others) in the Vagaro Master Class series lineup! With the right knowledge and mindset, all you need are the proper tools at your disposal. From unmatched booking and scheduling to credit card processingmarketing features and payroll management, Vagaro has everything you need to flex, scale and grow at every step of your journey. Claim your FREE 30-day trial to see for yourself.

For more Vagaro news click here


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