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Tribu-te: The Black Issue

Ellie Avlon

Avlon have teamed up with Tribu-te magazine to create The Black Issue. A breakthrough moment in the world of Black and Afro-textured hair. We’ve learnt over the last few weeks that Avlon are more than just products and that they are a very community-minded brand –  take a look at what they’ve doing for ACLT charity. Now, we are seeing them make some noise about the industry issues surrounding Black and Afro-textured hair.


With the #BlackLivesMatter movement taking over our feeds, Tribu-te got thinking about the types of hair services available for Black and Afro-textured hair. It is clear the industry has a lack of knowledge on how to work with these hair types and that needs to change. Agreeing with this, Avlon Europe very kindly made the decision to support a collaborative photoshoot for Tribu-te. 


An all-Black team of hairdressers, stylist, photographer, make-up artists and models were pulled together to create a photoshoot celebrating Black and Afro-textured hair with the use of Avlon’s best products. The finished looks are yet to be revealed, but you can catch a glimpse of some BTS action over at hairclips.tv


The hairdressing talent behind this project included: Michelle Thompson, Junior Green, Michelle Sultan, Nathaniel Chambers, Naomi Brooks, Anthony Grant, Lorraine Dublin, Jay Mahmood and Desmond Murray.

Nicky Pope, Publisher Tribu-te Magazine UK says “We were thrilled to support the hairdressers creating this amazing shoot for The Black Issue of Tribu-te magazine which is published mid June. It was a very important project brining together Black hairdressers and assistants, a photographer, make-up artists, a stylist and models. Everyone felt passionately about showing how wonderful it is to work with the natural texture of Afro-heritage hair. While everyone worked pro bono, we needed Avlon’s support in taking care of actual costs including a studio. The brand showed that they are more than a label … there is a heart and a love for the hairdressing community. We hope this collection of pictures sparks something and we can each help drive change.” 


The Black Issue will be landing on your doorsteps in the upcoming weeks. You can subscribe to Tribu-te magazine HERE.

Here at Respect we cannot encourage enough how important it is for every hairdresser to learn and educate themselves on how to work with afro-heritage hair. It requires skill, an understanding and product knowledge. We believe working alongside a brand such as Avlon is the key to success as they offer regular education – allowing you to keep your skills and product knowledge firmly up to date.

To find out more, visit www.avloneurope.co.uk or contact: goakes@avloneurope.co.uk

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