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Atelier is here

Respect is delighted to announce Aveda’s new video series, Atelier by Aveda posted on Youtube. A place of creativity, connections and inspiration, the digital magazine showcases trends and gives a behind-the-scenes look at the brand’s creative processes. Aveda’s artistic team hosts the series, consisting of global directors Janell Geason (make-up), Renée Gadar (texture), Ian Michael Black (hair color) and Ricardo Dinis (cutting). 

Watch all at once, or in sections, the show is an ideal way to find inspiration over the holiday season. It is great to see everyone staying in touch globally in a fun and creative way. 


New York Fashion Week

The series shows guest artist Jon Reyman and Aveda’s Janell Geason at New York Fashion Week revealing emerging trends. Backstage the artists look candidly into the high-energy environment of fashion week, an inspiring and exciting time for all! As well as showcasing emerging trends, Reyman explains that the runway has helped us understand the diversity of beauty.


Colour transformation

We also see Ian Michael Black, and Ricardo Dinis discussing colour transformation and blonding. The artists highlight the hair care needed for colour updates and answer burning questions on colour transformation. Ian shares the science behind blonding and how to keep hair healthy without comprising colour using Botanical Repair™. Learn how to lighten hair with confidence. 

AtelierByAveda Blonde

Global Aveda Artists

Taking us around the globe, we land in Sydney, Australia, where Aveda artist Nathan Yazbek gives insight into the life of an award-winning artist and salon owner.

Transported back to the UK, Bea Carmichael shares festive styling looks on models with different hair types. At the Gina Conway Salon, Bea integrates the Aveda x Phillip Lim collection scarf into one of the looks, sharing ways to style the piece and showcasing the gift sets. Take a look for inspiration and fun, new ways of styling hair pieces. 


Also featured is Aveda’s first guest artist collaboration with world-renowned artists and IHA’s International Artistic Team of the year, X-presion. Formed by entrepreneurs from Madrid, Marco Antonio Restrepo, Jorge Cáncer and Jose Luis Almendral, X-presion develops cutting-edge techniques through different artistic disciplines, materials, and concepts. Their first collection for Aveda, Graphic Organic, celebrates their signature style while using shapes and patterns from nature. 


Aveda Artist Heggy Gonzalez translates the technique into colour and vibrancy. Check out the film to see Gonzalez take the style to a new level of wearable art. 


Respect is a hub for UK hairdressers of all ages and stages to find out what We LoveWe Hear and We See as the best product launches, styling advice, hairtools, education training and seminars and hairshows! We bring you ‘Atelier by Aveda’ on behalf of Aveda. Sign up to our newsletter which is sent fortnightly direct to your email, so you stay up-to-date with salon styling information, trends in session work, advice on presenting on stage or progress in educating – whatever your interest, whether you’re a trainee or creative director, an educator or team leader, you’ll find all the opportunities and ideas on

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