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The launch of our Colour World UK event last summer got all our hearts beating a little bit faster! Over 2 days we reinvented the way we share ideas and inspiration in an anti-zoo, it’s-education-but-fun way. We had oodles of top colourists working on demos and giving bite-size seminars (20 mins max, seriously!) with no stages, no barriers, no limits. You can walk right up to a super-award winning colourist and watch them work, ask questions and even take Instagram pix over their shoulder. It’s so cool. Sponsors came along to showcase what the leading brands are doing with technical know-how, product innovation and training. The vibe was so relaxed and yet the atmosphere buzzed. And now it’s only a few weeks until we open for our 2017 event. The line up of artists you can see is still building but check this lot to get your excitement levels going, then click HERE for more:

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