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ad for respectNews added 11/06/2015:
The line up and date for the 2015 edition of the magnificent Tribu-te show is announced! Seats are on sale for the show at the Novello Theatre in London on Sunday 11 October. Check the roster! Mark Hayes, Mark Leeson, Ken Picton, Indira Schauwecker and Renata Recchia…. this is a must-see. Email for ticket details to

The Tribu-te Show will also present in Paris this year on Sunday 20 September at La Cigale. The line-up includes Johanna Cree Brown, Mazella & Palmer, Skyler McDonald and more… again email for details to

To ensure your copy of the new look Tribu-te magazine (out September), email to find out how to subscribe: again, Lilly will sort you out on
It’s looking like a mighty fine year for this awesome magazine. Go guys!

News added: 31/10/2014
• _DSC6522There are hair shows, and there are HAIR shows! Tribu-te Show 2014 on Sunday 12 October was the epitome of style, skill and creativity in our industry. Set in the elegant surroundings of London’s Novello theatre near Covent Garden – one of the Cameron Mackintosh group and as beautiful an example of the capitals theatres as you’ll find – here was the perfect stage to present the best hairdressers we have today. Announcing a complete coup in showmanship, Tribu-te had persuaded Robert Lobetta to return to centre stage. A legend in our time, Robert opened the show with a piece of his own poetry and continued to fascinate with his presence punctuating the proceedings, sharing his wordy ponderings with an intrigued audience of more than 800. But let’s start at the beginning. Brooks & Brooks art team kicked off this extraordinary night: basing their show on the rise of hair tutorials on social media, the team from Brooks & Brooks took their favourite look from and gave it a technical twist. Creating a four-hand, five-strand braid, the team created plaits with added detail inspired by a clothing brief to a fashion designer.

Next up, a tribute to the amazing Mr Trevor Sorbie who was honoured by Tribute magazine for 50 years in business. Surprising him with a film of warm tributes from erstwhile team members and then onstage with several arriving in person, Trevor seemed genuinely moved.
The tears dried up, the show followed wonderful stage presentations from Adam Reed – his first stage show for about 8 years he told us – taking the theme of ‘Icon Revolution’ and opening with a Dolly Parton song and closing with a Barbara Streisand. Big hair, great texture and awesome bows. We loved it.
Jean-Luc Minetti evoked the signature style of Alexandre de Paris, Jean-Luc’s erstwhile friend and colleague, here the beautiful hair artistry spoke for itself. “Very chic, very elegant and very French” were the modern chignons Jean-Luc created, using classic techniques and taking them to the next level.
TIm Hartley is a scene stealer and evidently never more happy than holding court on stage. Funny, charming and a whiz with the scissors, Tim held the audience rapt as he cut fringes and lines in the hair – a national treasure, Tim is always a delight.
And back to Robert Lobetta… his deconstructive reconstruction show was inspired. The depth of thought and, conceptual imagination and sheer hair wizardry did not disappoint. If you missed it, you should be ashamed. Here truly is an important commentator on hair craftwork. We recommend you study the pictures carefully…

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