Tribu-te Show Paris 2017 Uncategorized

This year our mantra has been to promote the value of live events. While technology continues to astound and thrill us with endless possibilities for linking up on line and literally talking and sharing work with people half the world away, it remains so important that we remember how brilliant it feels to get in touch and be with people. Don’t let one overshadow the other. Be online, but also challenge yourself to be present especially with other hairdressers from time to time.
Last weekend we were lucky to attend the Tribu-te show in Paris at La Cigale Theatre in Montmartre – a truly vibrant part of the city where you find the Moulin Rouge, the Sacre Coeur and oodles of top gastro eateries all in the same area. We joined more than 900 in the audience and listed as Tribu-te’s global publisher Mike Vincent introduced six of the best hairdressers up on stage one after the other to share their vision and creativity. Wow! and wow! again. This was possibly the best show we’ve ever attended. The pictures tell the story – browse our gallery – and keep in mind that each hairdresser is only allowed two models and have to fill 20 minutes. Their imaginations run wild and it’s great fun and totally inspiring to see what they come up with. As a premium publication, Tribu-te magazine (now published in several European countries as well as the UK) is aspirational and we hear many leading hairdressers saying it’s ‘the one’ title they really want to have publish their pictures. Being invited to join the show is huge honour. Congratulations to the line up in Paris including Robert Lobetta, Zoe Irwin, Sassoon Academy, Shane Bennett, Christophe Gaillet and Skyler McDonald. We’re definitely now going to the London edition of the show on 15th October… (there are a few seats left if you click HERE)