Skyler London

The Sky’s the limit

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Visiting Skyler London for the first time yesterday, we were awed by the sheer multitude of USPs. It’s very impressive. The colour-only salon situated in Southside, Wandsworth has been masterminded by Skyler McDonald, Sean Hanna and Lloyd Court drawing on their established business and creative knowledge.
There is an obvious talking point – the slide – which will be inescapable in the press coverage to come, but we’ll skip over this as there is far more on offer once you’re inside. It’s clear Skyler and Sean have done their market research (we even heard tales of them lurking in Boots to find out why people selected box colours), the price list above the door is crystal clear – no hidden fees or charges – total transparency, which is something that guests have been quick to notice and appreciate. Then there’s the chill out zone, the self-dry or blast zone and perhaps most impressively, the 360 reveal zone. An octagon of mirrors may be an intimidating sight for many, but once inside a guest can see their finished colour from every angle and experience how different light tones affect the colour, for example: how a client’s hair might look in a nightclub – it’s fascinating and guests love it. Though we could sing the salon’s praises for many more lines, we’ll let the pictures and the reviews do the rest of the talking… Incredible work guys! 
PS. If you’d like to see more from Skyler, she will be on stage at the Tribu-te Show in London on 15th October, CLICK HERE for more info and tickets: