Melissa Timperley Essence of a Woman

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We’ve got a whole-lotta-love for this new collection from Melissa Timperley – just in time for International Woman’s Day, too! The distinguished Essence of a Woman collection artfully celebrates the beauty of mature women, and we think it’s wonderfully poignant. Too often our ideals for beauty and style are intertwined with the idea of ‘youth’, and we’re thrilled to see Melissa successfully challenging this assumption. Real woman. Real life. Real charisma. That’s the message that Melissa was going for and it’s been captured magnificently. By using her own clients as models, she’s created an incredible warmth and depth to these images that we haven’t seen in quite some time. Bravo! 

Melissa says: “Mature women don’t want to be 25 again, they have been there already. They don’t want to slavishly copy the latest trends, but they do want to feel relevant and current. In celebration of International Women’s Day, we wanted to show how hairstyles for the mature lady can still have a sophisticated ‘wow’ appeal – equal to their juniors – whilst being lifestyle appropriate.”

Hair: Melissa Timperley using UNITE and INNOluxe. Photography: Dan Thomas.