The case for mandatory registration

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We’re thrilled at the publication of a report commissioned to find out just how important it is to both industry and public that hairdressing and barbering be properly and professionally regulated. CEO/Registrar of the Hair and Barber Council, Keith Conniford, has been shaking up the campaign for mandatory state registration of our industry, and scored a big hit on BBC Breakfast this weekend when he joined Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt on the red sofa to talk over the report. Collated in association with the VTCT, ‘The Case for Mandatory Registration’ clearly indicated that industry stakeholders and the consumer, want to ensure our industry is properly and professionally regulated. Some 2000 individuals responded to the survey questions and 82% of respondents stated that hairdressers/barbers should be trained and qualified in order to practice in the United Kingdom and 74% stated that a practising hairdresser/barber should have a ‘licence’ for carrying out services. Among other headline stats, we’re impressed to see • 70% of respondents would be concerned, from a health and safety point of view, if their hairdresser / barber was not properly trained and qualified and 80% of respondents would feel more reassured if all hairdressers and barbers had to be properly trained and qualified in order to carry out any services on people’s hair.
• Participants in the online survey and the interviews were very strongly in favour of a mandatory registration scheme based on agreed minimum qualifications.
• 78% of respondents stated it would be a good idea to make membership of the Hair Council’s UK Register of Qualified Hairdressers / Barbers mandatory.
• In addition, when asked whether they would recommend state registration / membership of the Hair Council, 94% said yes.
There is plenty of information to mull over, but key to this all, is that respondents were very clear, that a mandatory register will increase consumer confidence in their hairdresser/barber. Now that has to be great for business. Your business!