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0ea391aGoodbyes are tricky. Saying farewell to Sally Styles, Registrar at the Hair Council is particularly difficult. Sally has worked so super-hard these past 27 years to petition for Government recognition for the hair industry, and in particular to fight for state registration for hairdressers and barbers. She has a deep-rooted belief in hairdressing/barbering as a profession – quite right, it is and should be valued as such by everyone including the Great British public. The war to gain such status is not won however – we have some way to go – but Sally can be credited with winning many important battles that advance the cause. Thanks to her efforts, we now have an All Party Parliamentary Group meeting regularly in Westminster to consider our industry, covering all aspects from recruitment, VAT to registration. Last year, Lino Carbosiero SRH engineered a meeting between Sally and Daniel Korski, special adviser to David Cameron on Enterprise and Entrepreneurship – a render vows which culminated in meeting with prime minister David Cameron himself. Certainly a wow! moment. And Sally has promoted a strong alliance with the Barber Council which will strengthen our power. There are now many thousands of hairdressers registered and able to call themselves State Registered Hairdressers (SRH) with pride, but there’s more to do.  “There is a shift in the right direction,” Sally says, “especially in Government, where the realisation of the importance of our industry is starting to sink in. I can reassure you, the work to professionalise the hair industry will continue.” While wishing Sally well – she deserves hero status in our eyes – we call on everyone to support the Hairdressing Council, it’s the best thank you we can give for the decades of passion and dedication showed by Sally Styles. A fitting tribute for a very special lady. Respect indeed. Click here to find out more:

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  1. Shirley Davis-Fox MBE

    Couldn’t have put it better – I will miss you Sally – but onward and upward to both your future and that of the Hair Council. #getregistered @haircouncil @shirleydavisfox MBE

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