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2018 is the year to own your profession as a hairdresser! Say it loud, and say it proud: I am a hairdresser! British hairdressing employees more than 277,333* people in the UK in 35,704* salons. We make people look, and more importantly feel, GREAT. You’re a stalwart in the dwindling High Street, and also happen to be working in one of the happiest industries around according to qualifications authority, City & Guilds. Pretty cool, huh? 
In a recent interview in The Hair Council magazine, Karine Jackson said: “[I love the] diversity of the career – it’s creative and never ever dull. I get to do so many different things from working on my clients in the salon to mentoring and growing my team, running my business, working on shoots, fashion week shows, stage shows, education, and working with the industry to ensure we remain at the forefront of hairdressing worldwide. Not many careers offer such a wide range of opportunities. We need to get the parents and teachers on board – they need to know our industry has so many avenues to go down and that it can be really well paid – with ongoing training and opportunities too. It’s not just a job – it’s a career. The consumer needs to take us more seriously and realise it’s not an unskilled, low-paid profession to poke fun at. We have to speak up about what we do and change the perception of our industry so that talented young people will see us as a viable alternative to staying on at school or going to university. Bravo Karine! We couldn’t agree more…  

So let’s really trumpet the positives of our industry, and trust us – there’s plenty!

  • You can travel the world – it’s a skill which means you can take it almost anywhere with you. 
  • You’ll always have a job because people will always need their hair cutting! 
  • You can earn great money 
  • There are so many opportunities with plenty of industry competitions, and brands to get involved with. 
  • It can be very flexible when it comes to working hours.
  • It’s incredibly social! 
  • Employees will invest in you with training and education courses. *Stats from a Kerastraight survey, November 2017.