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• Low res NEW ON THE EDGE A2 POSTERKnow the past and shape the future is the intriguing tagline of a new show launched for April in central London. On the Edge will gather six amazing hairdressers on stage at the Cadogan Hall on 10 April 2017, for a thrilling evening’s entertainment where they present us with their career stories and demonstrate their forward vision. What brings them together is that they each studied with Vidal Sassoon, and feel proud to share a heritage. A cast including Tim Hartley, Trevor Sorbie, John Vial, Jay Mahmood, Silvia Salerno and Neil Atkinson represent many gifted artists in the Sassoon family, and we’re excited to see what their show reveals about how their time with Sassoon still informs their work today.
Vidal Sassoon is the godfather of modern hairdressing – he immeasurably and forever changed hairdressing for the better, introducing wash-and-wear cuts that lifted women out of the drudgery of setting or blow-drying their hair. [Thanks and double thanks from the Respect team personally!]. Importantly, his precision cutting techniques opened up a whole new way of shaping and dressing hair and are a reference point for any stylist today whatever their age and stage. On the Edge – know the past and shape the future – is exactly the mantra for today. By understanding and appreciating the craft of haircutting itself, you will go forward to create amazing work in your own right.
CLICK HERE to buy tickets to the show [and don’t hang about, they will be fast-selling we’re sure]


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