London Fashion Week Men’s 2018

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Considered to be a quieter affair than previous seasons (it was shortened from four days to three for A/W18), the 11th edition of London Fashion Week Men’s (LFWM) drew to a close on Monday. With a noticeable lack of the big-hitting fashion brands of previous seasons,  London’s rising creative stars were able to shine – and we saw more risks being taken with the hair as a result. Bravo! At Liam Hodges + Charles Jeffrey we spotted neon colour-pops, at Craig Green we saw military-inspired cuts and at Christopher Raeburn his inspiration was drawn from the ocean resulting in super-shiny, slicked-back wet looks. Marking a departure from the previous play-it-safe seasons of hair, and we applaud the results and all involved. Browse our selection of the best hair looks we’ve seen so far below: 

Blood Brothers 
Hair by Jan Przeymk for R+Co.

Charles Jeffrey
Hair by John Vial for Revlon Professional. See more images HERE: 

Christopher Raeburn 
Hair by Tina Outen for Fudge Professional.

Craig Green 
Hair by John Vial for Revlon Professional. 

Liam Hodges
Hair by Tina Outen for Fudge Professional. 

Wood Wood 
Hair by Jan Przeymk for R+Co.