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hairtribe Well we’re impressed! We don’t often see something truly new in hairdressing but the launch of Hairtribe is giving us an innovative take on education that really is inspiring. A new platform in online education, Hairtribe is founded by Perry Patraszewski and Hektor Kowalski who gather up the most interesting, passionate hairdressers (stylists and colourists) and invite them to present in educational films that are translated into six different languages and posted online to be visible everywhere and anywhere. The films – shot by Hektor in a very personal style – are released regularly (one a week), and are set in really cool locations both inside or outside, putting a fresh take on a step-by-step learning process. We love it! While Perry and Hektor are busy finalising details for the Hairtribe platform, they’ve agreed to share this intro footage with you – click HERE, which gives you the vibe of what to look forward to. Meantime, we’ll be posting the Hairtribe films here on, and as soon as the Hairtribe address is revealed, linking you up direct. For more information click HERE