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Intrigued by the launch of a new site that will help hairdressing become a more attractive proposition to school leavers. Yep! The launch of specifically profiles to youngsters, parents and school-leavers what the benefits are of an apprenticeship in hairdressing. AND you can advertise your apprenticeship spaces on there for free. The brainchild of Emma Bavin, who launched the Supporting Hairdressing’s Future initiative recently, we urge you to get involved. National Careers Week starts on 5 March, and Emma will help you to arrange a visit to your local school to shout out about hairdressing. Manufacturers and salons must get behind this.


  • VISIT to see how positively we can present hairdressing apprenticeships
  • PROMOTE this site to your clients and the local community – especially schools
  • LIKE Facebook page Supporting Hairdressing’s Future – to see more about how you can visit a school in National Careers Week starting 5 March
  • MANUFACTURERS get in touch with Emma Bavin to support this initiative – your clients depend on you! Email: