Salt Spray Fudge Professional #PlanetF

Fudge Professional Salt Spray Reborn
Fudge Professional Salt Spray has been helping to deliver surfer girl care-free waves for more than a decade, making it a client favourite and a kitbag essential for the likes of super- session stylist Sam McKnight. ‘How can you improve on this?’ We hear you ask.  Well, the guys at Fudge Professional have done just that.
Now Salt Spray boasts new UVisiShield technology and marine-rich ingredients, all designed to produce the same windswept beach look with even more body, while remaining hair-friendly.
Working their beach-wave magic are ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals, including giant sea kelp, red algae and ocean salt minerals, all perfect for adding some gritty texture to flat hair. Meanwhile, the UVisiShield technology helps strengthen and protect hair from damage and dryness.
Salt Spray is ideal for mid-length to long hair and is suitable for all hair types, including coarse and coloured. Its paraben-free and against animal testing. What’s not to love?
So, with the holiday season fast approaching, there’s no better time to start telling your clients about this reborn signature product.

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