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Barber Shop Chronicles

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Barber Shop Chronicles

Barber Shop Chronicles at the National Theatre

A new play at the National Theatre in London has really got us thinking…  
Barber Shop Chronicles is a dynamic new play that depicts the simultaneous goings-on of barber shops in London, Johannesburg, Harare, Kampala, Lagos and Accra. The tagline: “One day. Six cities. A thousand stories.”

We know that barber shops around the world are a focal points for communities to share, discuss and debate. They’re a right of passage for many; the point at which a boy can transcend a visit to the hairdresser with his mother and instead, visit the masculine environment of the barber shop and revel in the freedom. They’re a place where, thanks to recent campaigns, men are encouraged to talk about mental health, away from social pressures or stigma. They’re a community hub; where people of all ages and stages come together and share stories and experiences. They’re vital to the prosperity of our high streets and should be celebrated! So we’re thrilled to see a play focusing in on a rarely acknowledged aspect of our industry, and implore you to go and see it if you can. 

Barber Shop Chronicles opens at the National Theatre on the 30th May.
CLICK HERE for tickets and more information: 


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